Creating your 'standout' Brand



Step 3 Of The Entrepreneurs Journey


is in creating a brand that is instantly recognisable as the go to brand for the subject and service that you offer, 'when' a person or organisation wants to buy the service that you offer.


Most business owners simply do understand the true commercial power of developing a 'strong brand', they think a brand is simply a logo and colour way to stationary, signage and work wear, where as switched on business owners know that their brand is actually the most valuable thing about their business as it communicates to a potential customer what they are buying i.e.


To punctuate this, think of the last time you went into a shop or restaurant and left thinking Wow, I really enjoyed that experience.., (I know, it doesn't happen very often, does it?). What specifically was it that you noticed?


Or was it a clever combination of all of these things carefully interwoven into a brand that you now think of as focused on serving you rather being the lowest price, brands like Apple, Virgin, John Lewis and Ask, do this really well...

So you see, Branding is not just about a logo; it is far more than that.  It is the strategies that you run that compels people to come back to you time and time again.


The next step on our entrepreneur blueprint journey is 'Defining your marketing strategy'

In our fast becoming famous Business Breakthrough Day, you'll learn the foundations of how to construct a magnetic brand that will attract customers to you over your competitors.


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