Marketing Your Proposition



Step 4 Of The Entrepreneurs Journey


Successful marketing only ever does 2 things


  1. It makes your telephone 'ring' or e-mail 'ping' with an enquiry from a potential customer
  2. Creates and cements brand awareness of your offering


Which is why it is absolutely crucial that you have a clear and defined strategy for marketing 'before' you begin pouring time, energy and money into getting your brand and offering, in front of the eyes of your intended potential customer.


Like anything in business, if you are to get a result from your marketing, you're going to have to work a few things out before you spend a lot of time 'creating the content' and 'designing' the strategy you are going to use to achieve the results you want.


Bizarrely most business owners never do this which is why they find marketing a frustrating time losing thing to do, but with a little 'focused' research and some split testing, it really 'can be' easy to get the results you want i.e. customer enquires!!


These are the main questions you must have answers for if you are to have a successful marketing strategy:-



Only when you have spent time working out the answers to these questions will you be able to devise a marketing strategy that will yield you a great return on your time and financial investment in marketing.


The next step on our entrepreneur blueprint journey is 'Locking down your sales strategy'

During our fast becoming famous Business Breakthrough Day's, you'll learn the foundations of exactly how to construct a marketing strategy that works, one that actually make syour telephone ring & e-mail ping with enquiries for your services.

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