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You have a passion for helping people achieve


You have a confident learning mentality


A desire to share your business experience


You’ve solid comunication skills


You want to drive others to success

Entrepreneurialism - The Career of Choice

As a professional personal business mentor, you’ll be working with business owners who need your help to accelerate them towards building a higher income from their business activities.

Despite there being a vast number of potential customers out there, the challenge for traditional business coaches is in ‘HOW’ to attract a steady flow of hungry clients and avoid the famine and feast nature that most business coaches endure.

At the Sales Masters Guild we’ve developed a proven method for creating a high-income mentoring practice, this said there are definitely certain qualities an individual must have, if they are to truly succeed as a personal business mentor

  • A sincere passion for helping people to achieve ‘their’ true potential
  • A confident, learning mentality
  • A genuine desire to share the knowledge
  • Solid communication skills.

Certified Mentors Benefit From:

  • A proven 6 figure income ‘Mentoring’ model
  • Complete ‘Project Blueprint’ Trainer’s Training
  • Structured Training & Mentoring Courses for you to deliver
  • Sales and Marketing materials
  • Complete support and back up
  • Ongoing mentored Trainer’s Training
  • Solid strategic partners
  • A comprehensive ‘done for you’ marketing campaign launch.

A Proven Model

We’ll share with you a proven model for attracting a constant stream of clients hungry to learn from you, a mentoring business model in which you can share the entrepreneurial formula with individuals who have a genuine desire to achieve entrepreneurial success.

This is a ‘licenced’ partnering opportunity requiring a financial investment for full training, ongoing mentored support and use of all of the Sales Masters Guild Project Blueprint and 100K licensed mentored training courses and materials.

How Do I Become A Sales Masters Guild Training Mentor?

In the same way that this opportunity is not for everyone, not everyone will have the qualities needed to qualify and succeed as an SMG training mentor.

Unlike most franchise organisations, it’s not all about the money, it’s about making sure that we are a great fit and establishing that we share the same values, integrity, and open learning mind-set that guarantees success for all.

There are 5 key stages that we walk together on our journey to you becoming a fully certified Training mentor.

Step 1 - The Conversation

Following your making contact via the form below: our founder, John F Kettley, will call you direct for a genuine 2-way conversation to learn about you, your background and your ambitions for the future.

John will answer any questions you have about what we do to help new Sales Masters Guild training mentors get up and running and share with you how we do this in the shortest possible time.

Once you and John are comfortable that you are a great fit, John will invite you to move to the next step, by joining either John or one of the Sales Masters Guild’s certified trainers at one of our 1-day training workshop’s or a monthly peer mentored training session for you to see first-hand, exactly what it is we do to help business owners thrive, flourish and succeed.

Step 2 - The Discovery Day

On the day, you will see and experience first-hand exactly what it is like to be one of our Sales Masters Guild workshop client’s, and as the day unfolds, how we achieve the spectacular results that we do with ambitious business owners.

We think you find the whole ‘experience’ a fantastic eye opener, as you see for yourself why our mentored training sessions are genuinely unique in the business arena.

By the end of the day you will 100% know that either this is ‘the perfect path for you’ to pursue or this is not the career for you at all.

Step 3 - The 4 Day Pro Mentor Training

Prepare to stretch yourself as you’ve never done before. Over these 3+1 days of intensive mentor training, you’ll experience a quantum shift in the way you see the business landscape, the entrepreneur formula, and, how you can personally make a massive difference in your local business community as you re-shape businesses to achieve extraordinary success.

Day 1: We deep dive into the mind-behind success and dissolve any personal limiting beliefs you may have accrued over the years, so that you become 100% confident of your ability to build a successful personal business mentoring practice.

You’ll learn the strategies and tactics we use to help our clients gain a stronger more outcome driven mind-set before diving deep into the mechanics of how to reverse engineer extraordinary success.

Day 2: You’ll learn the step-by-step ‘entrepreneur formula’ that will underpin all of your clients mentored training from this point on (it’s a strong day of light bulb moments).

Day 3: You’ll learn what we believe, is the world’s best sales training. Including how to articulate a compelling proposition in any scenario and effortlessly convert a business conversation into a high value client.

By the end of day 3 you’ll be both exhilarated and tired, which is why we take a short break before the final day’s experiential mentor training.

Day 4: You will deep dive into the SMG:

  • Online client training vault,
  • Online trainers training vault of content
  • Project Blueprint program
  • 100K Club program
  • Individual 1 day workshops.

Step 4 - The 30 Day Ramp Program

Around the time of your 4-day certified mentor training, you’ll have the opportunity to sit in on as many of your fellow Sales Masters Guild training mentors’ workshops and peer groups as you want to, so as to rapidly accelerate your understanding of exactly how to deliver next level mentored training to ‘your clients’.

Step 5 - The Launch

By now you’ll be chomping on the bit to get your first mentoring clients on-board. We’ll be working alongside you every step of the way through your launch period, helping you attract your first clients and build your mentoring practice, so that you are earning a solid income in the shortest possible time.

Monthly Trainers Training

Each and every month we meet to celebrate the successes, talk through how to overcome the challenges and share the latest strategies and tactics to share with our clients.

Sales Masters Guild partners enjoy access to the world’s best client training content, personal mentored support and a collective of some of the UK’s best and most diverse business trainers.

Is This of Serious Interest to You?

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