Creating your 'standout' Brand



Step 3 Of The Entrepreneurs Journey


Creating a 'brand' wherein you are instantly recognisable as the 'go to' person/organisation for the service you provide, can be the difference between extraordinary success and complete failure...


Most business owners simply do understand the true commercial power of developing a 'strong brand', they think a brand is simply a logo and colour way for stationary, signage and work wear; where as the true entrepreneur knows that their brand is actually the most valuable thing about their business, as it communicates to a potential customer exactly what they are buying i.e.


To punctuate this, think of the last time you went into a shop or restaurant and left thinking Wow, I really enjoyed that experience.., (I know, it really doesn't happen very often, does it?). What specifically was it that you noticed?


Or was it a 'clever combination' of all of these things, carefully interwoven into a brand that you now think of as focused on serving you rather than simply being the lowest price, brands like Apple, Virgin, John Lewis and Ask have a very differant client and reputation than the likes of Ryanair whose brand is famous for giving a horrible customer experiance...

So you see, Branding is not just about a logo; it is far more than that, your branding tells people whether you are a one man band and cheap or a go to expert who will deliver a service beyond the price, which is why it is crucial that you invest in your brand wisely...



Step 4 - on our entrepreneur blueprint journey is

'Defining your Marketing strategy'


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