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Teaching you how to get the results you want from your business life


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Entrepreneurs Blueprint

An introduction to the blueprint.


How to become 100% confident in yourself and your business.

Your Success

What you want from success and how to engineer it.

Unique Proposition

Putting you ahead of the rest.

Marketing & Sales

Results focussed plan to grow your business.

What is The Entrepreneurs Discovery Day All About?

There is a reason why 70% of business owners never achieve their income potential and why the top 10% of small to medium enterprises always seem to attract the lion’s share of customers.

Those at the top of their game all have one thing in common, they know exactly what the blueprint for a business that works is i.e. a business that attracts a constant stream of high value buying customers.

The seriously successful know that in order to reach the top, they have to keep investing in learning how to stay ahead of their competition, constantly taking highly educated risks that the average business owner is unwilling to take because of their fear of failure.

Fear of failure is the primary reason why the average business person will not invest in a personal business mentor, a professional branding agency, a marketing budget or even going on business training courses to learn ‘how’ to make the income they say they want to earn.

The truth is, until you make the decision to stop chasing the clock and start investing in your personal future success you’re simply not going to move up into the 10% category.

What Will I Learn?

Obviously, it’s impossible to teach you everything you need to know in just 3 hours.

But we can promise you, when you walk out the door you’ll never be the same business owner again.

You’ll leave the Entrepreneurs Discovery Day with a hand-book containing the Entrepreneur Blueprint for building a wealth creating business that works. You also leave knowing the reasons ‘why’ you have been struggling and exactly what to focus on in order to turn your business around and into an income generator you really want it to be.

On the day, you’ll be in great company. Everyone in the room will have come because they, like you, are not satisfied with where they are in their business life. Each and every person in the room is there because they genuinely want (like you) to learn how to turn their business into one that is truly affording them a better-quality work-life balance.

The Entrepreneurs Discovery Day in Summary

  • Entrepreneurs Blueprint: An introduction to the blueprint for business success
  • Mind-set: The mind behind your success and how to be 100% confident
  • Your Success: How to reverse engineer the success you seek
  • Proposition: How to create a value proposition that attracts clients to you
  • Marketing Plan: How marketing really works & how to make it work for you
  • Conversations: How to convert a higher percentage of your conversations into business

You are guaranteed to finish the day with a completely fresh and inspired view of your business.

All of our Entrepreneurs Discovery Days cost just £20 to attend. You’ll need to register to reserve your place as demand is always high for this popular day. 

We look forward to working with you.

Find Your Local Entrepreneurs Discovery Days

You can reserve your place on any of our Entrepreneurs Discovery Days. If you would like to reserve more than one place for a colleague, business partner or for another business please feel free to do so but leave the name, business name and contact details of your second reserved place in the message field when reserving.

To find an Entrepreneurs Discovery Day near you, type the first 3 characters of your prefered county in the search box to see what days are available.

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