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Entrepreneurs Formula

Learn the formula for creating a high-income lifestyle business.

Spot Opportunities

What is the perfect niche market for your business?

Personal Business Plan

Form a plan that will transport you to you goals.

Fame Strategy

Brand recognition & how marketing works

Conversation to Sales

How do you convert conversations into sales revenue?

Your Business Will Never Be The Same

On this powerful experiential training course, you’ll learn the formula every truly successful entrepreneur uses to build a wealth creating business.

You’ll work closely with a highly experienced business mentor whose sole purpose is to help you to see your business with fresh eyes and accelerate you forward towards your goals.

We start the day by focusing in on what it is that you truly want to achieve from your business life, so that ‘together’ we can construct a reverse engineered plan of action to transport you from where you are now, to where it is you want to be i.e. a wealth creating Entrepreneur.

How to Spot Your Opportunities – Where Do the Real Opportunities Lay?

Knowing what you want is a major step in the right direction, but knowing how to spot where the real opportunities lay, is the thing that will jet propel you towards the income you want from your business.

By mid-morning you’ll have worked out the answers to the crucial questions every truly successful entrepreneur knows the answers too i.e.

  • What is the perfect niche market for me to sell to?
  • What are my potential buyers truly hungry to buy?
  • What offer will attract them to me with the least amount of effort?
  • How many clients do I need, to create the income I want?

By lunch time you will have begun to see your business future with fresh eyes and see for the first time in a long time ‘HOW’ you are going to make your business a success.

Every Day in Every Way a Plan Will Transport You

Businesses only fail because of one reason! A lack of profitable sales

If you want to become an outstanding success you’re simply going to have to create and follow a plan of action that will turn your dreams a reality.

Together we’ll draw up your unique business canvas and the plan of action that will focus you on those things that will accelerate your sales and income from here on.

Every Entrepreneur Knows the Power of Having a Fame Strategy

After lunch we’ll focus on how to create a solid fame strategy for you and the core services you offer in order to attract clients to you.

 We’ll cover the basics of brand recognition, give you a solid understanding of how marketing works and the best strategies for you to implement in order to create incoming enquiries for the services you offer.

Converting Conversations into Sales Revenue

OK, we know most people dislike and even hate the sales element of being in business, but this is only because they (and potentially you) have never learned how to professionally help a potential customer to buy.

During this part of the training you’ll learn an easy to use, elegant way of finding out exactly what a potential customer really wants to buy (not what you think they want).

We’ll teach you a simple to learn, simple to use, 5 step conversation process that always keeps you comfortably focused towards helping a potential client to buy from you.

Your Entrepreneurs Training Course in Summary

  • Mind-set of an Entrepreneur: How to stay focused & outcome driven

  • Value Proposition: How to become a customer magnet

  • Niche: How to profile a hungry client

  • Marketing: How to attract customers to you

  • Sales: A simple 5-step conversation process to win more business

  • Time management: A plan of action to create a great work-life balance

You are guaranteed to finish the day with a completely fresh and inspired view of your business – if you don’t, we’ll happily give you your money back.

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To find an Entrepreneurs Training Course near you, type the first 3 characters of your prefered county in the search box to see what days are available.

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