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Thank You – 2 Special Offers

Thank you for following up on meeting our founder John F Kettley.

If you managed to have a ‘good chat’ with John, you’ll have quickly realised that John has a genuine passion for the entrepreneurial world and for sharing the incredible knowledge he’s gained over the years as a serial entrepreneur.

What you may not know is that John only delivers a few entrepreneurs training days personally each year and to only limited numbers of business owners as he believes those seminars with hundreds of delegates do not give great value.

Offer 1

Entrepreneurs Training with John F Kettley

2 Limited Availability Dates – 30/5/19 & 7/6/19

John invites you to bring your ambitions and business model and through with powerful and inspirational day you’ll work out exactly where your true opportunities are and how to fully capitalise on those opportunities in the best possible way.

Through the day you will learn: –

  • How to develop & lock a strong outcome driven mind set
  • How to spot where the real opportunities are
  • How to create a reverse engineered plan of action
  • How to develop a compelling Value Proposition
  • A simple 5-step sales strategy that generates income

You are guaranteed to finish the day with a completely fresh and inspired view of your business – if you don’t, we’ll give you your money back.


Click-thru below to claim your place on either day at the discounted price of £99 (saving £51) enter the code #imetjohnkettley on checkout.

Offer 2

Full Membership of the SMG Online Entrepreneurs Training Portal

John created what we believe is the best entrepreneur training course available anywhere on the internet. It was created to give you 24-7 365 access to everything you need to know, to build a wealth creating business including: –

7 individual step by step Modules containing over 50 elements

  • 5 tutorial workbooks
  • 15 Video tutorials spanning over 3.5 hours
  • 30 PDF tutorial articles

 Module 1 (16 x elements):
The Mind Behind Success (How to think & see the world as a successful Entrepreneur)

 Module 2 (14 x elements):
Creating a results-driven game plan (A plan of action that will transport you to the success you seek)

 Module 3 (6 x elements):
Creating a killer proposition (that thing which attracts high value clients to you over your competition)

 Module 4 (2 x elements):
Branding your offer (How to create a brand that punches above its weight)

 Module 5 (7 x elements):
Target marketing that works (make your telephone ring & e-mail ping with genuine enquiries)

 Module 6 (4 x elements):
Sales strategies that create income (how to elegantly convert your conversations into more business)

 Module 7 (3 x elements):
The Entrepreneur Focus (how to prioritise those things that are truly important to creating wealth)

Packed with real-world step by step video tutorials, you’ll learn everything you’ll need to fast track you from where you are now, to where you want to be i.e. the owner of a high-income wealth making lifestyle business.


Click-thru below to claim your online membership at the discounted price of £99 (saving £51) enter the code #imetjohnkettley on checkout.

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We’ll get back to you or put you in contact with one of our mentors best suited to your answer your questions.


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