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#imetjohnkettley – Exclusive Training Opportunities with SMG Founder

You’ll meet John at many business seminars, shows and network meetings across the UK, and if you’re lucky, and not one of his personal one-2-one clients, you may find yourself at one of his training sessions.

John’s training sessions for entrepreneurs are limited as for a lot of his time he’ll be training mentors to help further entrepreneurs across the country.

So, with his limited entrepreneur training course available, you’ll need to be quick to on-board yourself.

We’ll keep you updated through this page (add it to your bookmarks) and through our social media channels (follow us), and we’re sure that if you meet John, he’ll let you know about upcoming training that he is giving.

2 Day Sales & Negotiation Training with John F Kettley

Limited Places Available
Dates: 14/11/19 & 15/11/19

John invites you to bring your ambitions and business model to learn how to create a sales strategy that will take you & your business to the next level.

Over 2 immersive and experiential days you will develop with the direct personal input from John a powerful bespoke sales strategy that will accelerate your personal income by cementing once and for all a plan of action that will rapidly increase the sales you make of your services.

Once you have the plan in place John will teach you in interact exercises how to easily and effortlessly begin a rapport based conversation and transition that conversation into real world business that pays.

By the end of this 2-day course you will have:

  • A robust fit for purpose personalised sales plan
  • How to spot where the real opportunities are
  • How to develop a compelling Value Proposition
  • How to find new business whenever you want it
  • A simple 5-step sales conversation plan of action that works
  • A solid strategy for dramatically increasing your income

You are guaranteed to finish each day with a completely fresh and inspired view of how to get all the best you need – if you don’t, we’ll give you your money back.

Click-thru below to claim your place for only £360 including VAT.

Full Membership of the SMG Online Entrepreneurs Training Portal

John created what we believe is the best entrepreneur training course available anywhere on the internet. It was created to give you 24-7 365 access to everything you need to know, to build a wealth creating business including: –

7 individual step by step Modules containing over 50 elements

  • 5 tutorial workbooks
  • 15 Video tutorials spanning over 3.5 hours
  • 30 PDF tutorial articles

 Module 1 (16 x elements):
The Mind Behind Success (How to think & see the world as a successful Entrepreneur)

 Module 2 (14 x elements):
Creating a results-driven game plan (A plan of action that will transport you to the success you seek)

 Module 3 (6 x elements):
Creating a killer proposition (that thing which attracts high value clients to you over your competition)

 Module 4 (2 x elements):
Branding your offer (How to create a brand that punches above its weight)

 Module 5 (7 x elements):
Target marketing that works (make your telephone ring & e-mail ping with genuine enquiries)

 Module 6 (4 x elements):
Sales strategies that create income (how to elegantly convert your conversations into more business)

 Module 7 (3 x elements):
The Entrepreneur Focus (how to prioritise those things that are truly important to creating wealth)

Packed with real-world step by step video tutorials, you’ll learn everything you’ll need to fast track you from where you are now, to where you want to be i.e. the owner of a high-income wealth making lifestyle business.


Click-thru below to claim your online membership at the discounted price of £99 (saving £51) enter the code #imetjohnkettley on checkout.

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