Sales Masters Guild Mentor, Jo Driver, Delves into her Mastermind Peer Groups to answer the question “What types of businesses and people do you mentor?”

So let me answer the “type of people” question first.

I will only work with the Business Owner. Now, that could be someone who is self employed, or, who has a business with a business partner, or a small business that employs a small number of staff or outsources / sub contracts work out. 

Most importantly they must be ambitious with the desire to succeed and be open minded.

I often help business owners who are starting their business from scratch or are in the early years of starting their business, as they don’t want to waste a single minute of time and money learning from the school of hard knocks. It is so much easier to start a well thought out, researched, planned business, with an experienced mentor guiding them, than to start and go down many wrong roads to realise what they don’t know. Most start out with experience and knowledge about what they do but have never learnt how to build a business, how to correctly market and confidently sell the product or service they have. 

Of the businesses that have been running a few years, many are constantly chasing time and money. They are often in a perpetual state of being too busy to actually make serious moneylet alone enjoy a decent work-life balance, and that ideal life that they thought they’d get by running their own business and being their own boss is nowhere in sight.

Some may have been in business for many years and are ready to take their business up to the next level but they just don’t know how to, or they are afraid to take the risk in case of failure, they might not have the right team around them to be able to go to that next level.

Businesses from many different sectors attend the mastermind peer groups. No matter what you do, the formula for a successful business is the same.  The benefits of being part of a mentored mastermind group are the same.

Here are a few reasons why the business owners I work with, tell me what they’ve gained by being part of the Mentored Peer Group.

  • It has significantly helped and accelerated their progress with setting up their business.
  • It ensures that they stay focused on the key areas that drive business performance forward.
  • It gives time out of the business to work on the business, to think, reflect on what is working well, what could work better and generate ideas.
  • Improved confidence in every aspect of business.
  • It’s a great opportunity to brainstorm ideas, share any challenges and gain advice and support of how to overcome them.
  • Ongoing training, learning and support from an experienced business mentor, coupled with support and the opportunity to build strategic alliances with your peers.
  • It helps you set achievable targets whilst also holding yourself accountable for the targets you set.

The main reasons why many don’t seek the help they need, is that:

  • They resist because they can’t afford it. Ask yourself this: Can you afford not to get the right help? How easier and quicker would your business grow if you had the right help?
  • They think they can do it all by themselves. They don’t like to admit they may need help or they are concerned that others will judge them. However, it is actually the opposite that is true. For many years successful business people and sports people often have had a mentor, coach, or advisor guiding them forward.
  • They resist being uncomfortable. However, growth only ever occurs when you push beyond your comfort boundaries and step outside your comfort zone. Having a mentor to guide you and support from your peers to encourage you will ease the process.

If any of this resonates with you, know that you are certainly not alone.

The mastermind peer groups are designed so that whatever path or stage of your business you are currently at, they will help accelerate your growth, allowing you to share your challenges and drive your business forward so that you gain the success you desire.

With 15 years experience in property I would love to help more property related businesses. 

I come across many people who want to make money from property and like any business, having the knowledge or experience of what you do is good, but if you lack the knowledge of how to structure, plan, market, sell, negotiate and grow that business it is unlikely to be the success you started it for and sustain that important work-life balance so many desire.

So if you run a business and your target market is property related for example, Property Finder, Property Investor, Building Trades, Finance, Legal, Architect, Surveyor, Developer, Interior Designer, Mortgage Broker, Property Management / Agent and you are wanting to grow that into a high income generating business, then please do get in touch with me. 


If you are serious about growing your business Jo’s Mastermind Peer Groups could be what you need. You can contact her directly if you’d like to discuss the groups in more detail before booking through her Mentors profile page.

Jo Driver

Jo Driver

Jo Driver is a Sales Masters Guild Personal Business Mentor.

Jo’s transition to becoming a business entrepreneur began back in 1995, starting her own Training and Consultancy business. Jo has also built a Health & Wellness business and is a co-founding partner of JRD Property, a property investing business.

Find out more about Jo on her Sales Masters Guild profile page.

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