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Helping Small Businesses  to Thrive and Survive

Having started his business career as an accountant working in industry, James decided that there was more to the game of business than just keeping the score. After spending four years in part-time study with the Open University Business School, James was awarded his MBA and set up a consultancy in the West Midlands helping small manufacturing businesses survive and thrive in the recession of the 1990s.

Moving back to his native Suffolk in 1995, James joined a successful motor dealership group, firstly as a non-executive director and later as group managing director. Following the collapse of MG Rover in 2005, James returned to the world of business advice delivering business growth and development programmes for small business owners.

Getting You Fit for Business

James is currently working as part of the Sales Masters Guild team, running Mentored Peer Groups for ambitious business owners who want to take their businesses to the next level. In addition, James keeps one foot in the business world running a successful health and fitness business with over 2,800 members, proof that James is firmly entrenched in the real world of business.

Many people dream about running their own business, but the reality of the matter is that sometimes it can be very lonely and just a little scary. Who do you talk to when you want to develop a new idea or chew over a problem that’s keeping you awake at night?

Well, you don’t need to be alone. With James by your side as your personal business mentor, you can share the burden of running your own business and get really focused on the important things you need to do which somehow seem to get lost under the pile of day to day challenges that make up your working life.

Stop Working 7 Days a Week for 2 Days Money

As a personal business mentor with The Sales Masters Guild. James works with business owners like you, who want to stop working 7 days a week for 2 days money and want to learn how to re-design their business so that it produces the wealth and work-life balance they set it up for in the first place.

 James does this through Group Mentoring Programmes where he teaches people how to:

  • Get crystal clear about what they want from their business and their life and more importantly ‘why’ they want it
  • Build the right plan to get them there
  • Source the resources they need to achieve the plan

James will then support them by keeping them ‘on path’ until they achieve the income and great work-life balance they desire.

There is a Formula for Success

There is a formula for successa blueprint that when learnt and applied results in success. It’s a proven fact that when single minded ambitious people come together for a common cause, amazing results always follow, which is why this mentored peer group is so powerful.

But and this is a huge BUT, your success will only become a reality if you take actionon what you learn, apply the strategies and focus allof your attention on the things that absolutely will result in Growth, Sales and INCOME. For this reason, James’s Peer Group program is not for everyone! It requires a total commitment to achieving the success you seek. 

Why Does Peer Group Mentoring Work?

Just like the new-years resolutions many of make, we start with the greatest of intentions, but without someone to help keep us on track, most will quickly fall back into their old ways and habits. Having a personal business mentor and a close peer group of like minded people will keep you on the path, hold you accountable and constantly nudge you to form better, more profitable outcome driven habits that result in true success.

Over the years, we have refined and developed the Peer Group Program into the amazing success formula that it is today. Members not only rapidly increase their own personal sales and income, they also share their knowledge and grow their connection base of movers and shakers in the business community.

What does James’s Peer Group Program look like?

Each month you’ll meet with up to 12 like-minded business owners within a structured 1/2 day mentoring session with your Sales Masters Guild ‘Certified Business Mentor’.

This 1/2 day is your opportunity to step out of your business and work on it rather than in it. You will focus on the parts of your business that grow a high-income and which generate the wealth that will afford you the lifestyle you want from your business.

Joining the James’s Peer Group Program is by ‘invitation only’. Our mission is to bring together positive ambitious people with open minds and good solid ethics so as to build a peer group that is great to attend, motivational and delivers results for its members.

James’s Training & Peer Groups

You can book onto any of James’s training or peer groups from here. Just click below to be taken to the booking page, choose the date you would like to attend and continue with your payment. If you would like to discuss any of James’s training or peer groups, to find out more, or any other question, please contact him using the form below.

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If you have any questions about James’s training or peer groups, please send them to him using the form below. James will get back to you as quickly as possible with answers to your questions, or to arrange a phone call to go through them in more detail.

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You can find out more about James and follow his insights on running and growing a successful business, the training he gives and his Mastermind Peer Groups.
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