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Over 25 Years of Entrepreneurial Business Experience

Jo’s entrepreneurial mind-set started at the young age of 11, when her passion for horses and the desire to compete them, required her to fund this expensive hobby.

Never accepting that she couldn’t achieve something, Jo would always look for opportunities and different ways to make money and how to get around any obstacles along the way that sheI was faced with. The one saying she often heard as a child is “There’s no such word as can’t” and that, Jo really believes, has helped define who she is today.

Becoming an Entrepreneur in Business

Jo’s transition to becoming an entrepreneur in business began back in 1995. When she started her own Training and Consultancy business, providing consultancy and training services, initially to recruitment organisations and later more diverse sectors,

 Jo later started and built a Health & Wellness business and made the decision to invest in property, building a property portfolio, gaining knowledge and experience in many areas of the property industry. 

 She is a co-founding partner of JRD Property, a property investing business, which has enabled her to secure her retirement plan. Jo has a special interest in property, helping other property investors and business owners grow their business and develop other sources of residual income to generate a high income and achieve that all important work / life balance.

Helping Ambitious Business Owners Recalibrate & Grow Stronger

As Jo has grown, her fascination with how people think and behave has grown, which led her to study and qualify as a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner. Jo now combines her NLP and business experience working with The Sales Masters Guild to deliver real world personal business growth through the courses, workshops and peer mentoring groups she runs, to help ambitious business owners recalibrate and grow stronger.

Jo has a genuine passion to make a positive difference in the lives of those she works with, and a genuine desire to help business owners in any sector, whether they are an established business, having been in business for a number of years or those just starting their business, her success only being achieved when the entrepreneurs, businesses owners, and property investors she works with, achieve the goals they want to reach.

Identifying Value & Opportunities

As Jo has been out and about on the Business Networking circuit over the last couple of years, she is seeing an increase in the number of newly self-employed business owners and when talking to them is constantly surprised at how little thought and planning they have put into their business objectives.

Many make the move from Employment to Self Employed business owners without learning how to create a business that works or identifying where the value and opportunities lie in their chosen sector. Their mindset is still very much of the Employment mindset, trading their time for money rather than being open to learning how to build a business that works and have a business that will provide them a balanced lifestyle.

Jo's Workshops

The Sales Masters Guild one day workshops, offer great value and many “light bulb moments” occur from whichever course is attended.

  • The Pro Entrepreneur Training touches on all aspects of building a successful business and often the biggest takeaways are on the mindset, planning structure and identifying their target market. Attendees often comment on how unique it is that Jo works with them on their business, throughout the day, as opposed to just training a set agenda.
  • The Pro Networker, as well as business owners, Jo often has Employees, who are in a sales role, attend.  Those that attend often state how their confidence in having conversations increases and structuring their opportunity / elevator pitch is more clearly defined.
  • The Sales & Negotiation Workshop always gets great “light bulb moments” and many of these are around gaining more confidence in the sales conversation. So many business owners have never been taught to sell and lack confidence in this area of business. Jo takes them through a process that teaches them how to build rapport quickly, identify their client’s needs that enables them to serve their clients by solving a problem rather than selling a product or a service.

Like any training, the workshops, although providing great value and help to achieve great results for those that attend, the longer-term benefits are achieved within the mentoring groups.

  • The mentored peer groups provide many benefits, in addition to the usual benefit of peer / mastermind groups, of being around and being supported by likeminded people, they also continue the education alongside our one day workshops, assist you to form more profitable habits, hold you accountable and constantly nudge you forwards.

Frequently the members share ideas and connections, partner and collaborate their services, as they work to overcome challenges, win more business and genuinely create a high-income business.

Jo’s Training & Peer Groups 

You can book onto any of Jo’s training or peer groups from here. Just click below to be taken to the booking page, choose the date you would like to attend and continue with your payment. If you would like to discuss any of Jo’s training or peer groups, to find out more, or any other question, please contact her using the form below.

Satisfied Entrepreneurs

“I decided to join Jo’s peer group after I attended her Sales training through The Sales Master Guilds as I found the content really useful and realised that the support of a business expert would significantly help me progress with setting up my own businesses. Jo has been really flexible and along with the monthly peer groups, she offers one to one support discussing topics of relevance helping me focus on the key areas that will drive business performance. I am still on the start of my journey but am very happy with the service I receive from Jo both personally and professionally and would highly recommend Jo and the team at Sales Master Guilds for anyone looking for expert advice and support in starting or growing their business.”

Julie Wilkinson

Business Owner, Wilkinson Accounting Solutions

“I have been working with Jo since September 2018. I cannot thank her enough for the time she gives me and the mentoring to help me move my business forward. Jo helps me to separate what’s really important in my business and keeps me focused. I look forward to our monthly peer group sessions as it’s time out of the business for me to think, reflect and idea generate. Jo keeps in touch with me during the month and those check ins are vitally important to me. I highly recommend working with Jo and the Sales Masters Guild.”

Bonita Ackerman Du Preez

Business Owner, Future Edge Coaching

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If you have any questions about Jo’s training or peer groups, please send them to her using the form below. Jo will get back to you as quickly as possible with answers to your questions, or to arrange a phone call to go through them in more detail.

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