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Business Conversation

Learn how to structure your sales conversations.

Build Your Confidence

Become comfortable talking to anyone.

What Your Customers Want

Find out what customers want in conversation.

Value Proposition

Attract hungry buyers with the right proposition.

Higher Profit Margins

Win more business at higher profit margins.

The Art of Helping People Buy from You

Few people realise, that to make the buying experience an absolutely pleasurable one for their clients, we must first learn and fully understand the psychology behind what specifically inspires a person to buy ‘anything’. Which is why this sales training is unlike anything you may have experienced before.

Time and again attendees tell us, that before learning how to serve & negotiate using this simple 5-Step process, they had no idea how easy selling their services could be.

Introverts are Always the Best Sales People!

We begin this exceptional day by learning the basics of human psychology and behaviour and how understanding this can help even the most timid, to become an exceptional business communicator.

During the morning session, you’ll learn how to quickly identify how a person thinks and processes the world around them so that you can communicate with them in a way that builds rapport quickly and easily.

You’ll learn how to ask great questions that put your customer at ease while telling you exactly what it is that they really want to buy from you, and when they will be ready to buy.

Of all our trainings, this is the training that sparks the most ‘light bulb moments’, as you quickly realise just how easy selling really can be.

Building Your Confidence to be Comfortable Talking to Anyone

By lunch time you’ll have had great fun practising your new sensory acuity skills and through the interactive exercises you will have discovered more about the people you’ve just met than you ever thought possible in such a short time.

In old fashioned sales terms, you’ll have learned a much more comfortable and elegant way of ‘qualifying’ what a prospective customer really wants to buy.

AND you’ll have done this in a way that feels so much more comfortable to both you and the person you’re talking to; you’ll both feel considerably more confident and at ease to move forward together.

“In the absence of value everyone looks at the price” – John F Kettley

For the afternoon session you’ll learn how to frame a ‘no-brainer’ proposition that your prospective customer will feel is absolutely perfect for them to buy.

We’ll show you how to elegantly transition the conversation from chatty rapport, to your new customer confirming what it is that they want to buy from you, and IF for any reason they are struggling to rationalise a tangible reason why they should buy from you ‘now’ (an objection) how to easily help them overcome their reservations and buy from you today.

The Course Content

During this one day exceptional interactive workshop style seminar, we’ll cover:

  • How to elegantly structure your business (sales) conversations
  • How to feel completely comfortable talking to anyone
  • How to find out exactly what a customer REALLY WANTS
  • How to effortlessly frame your value proposition
  • How to make buying from you a wonderful experience
  • How to win more business at a higher profit margin

The perfect sales training course for people who want more customers but aren’t comfortable when selling their services

As a bonus to this workshop all delegates also receive a FREE Success Analysis, plus a 30 minute 1-2-1 telephone mentoring session.

Satisfied Entrepreneurs

“I found the course good at challenging my beliefs about myself, my business and offerings. It reminded me of skills and techniques that I have and brought them into my consciousness for selling. I love that this is not a traditional sales training and that is the reason I signed up.”

Fiona Simpson

Business Owner, Lilac Pearl

What an eye opener! It made me realise that there is nothing in the sales process that is rocket science, it’s just about talking to your customer to understand THEM and how you can help them. Even I can do that!”

Adam Scott

Business Owner, Ipswich Embroidery & Print

A life changing seminar on how to sell, it taught me how to be myself yet still ask the right questions, it gave me a road map for selling confidently that has transformed my business.

Martin Kearney

Business Owner, Internetwork Media

“Sales is an area of my business I never really enjoyed, but after attending this course I’m now able to have business conversations that result in more people buying my services.”

David Whitelegg

Business Owner, Triquetra

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