'Sales & Negotiation Training'


Invisible selling through 
The Art Of Helping People to BUY From 'YOU'


Few people ever learn how to 'help' people buy!

Which is bizzare when you think that most people hate to be pitched too...


What few people realise is that in order to make the buying experiance an absolutely 'pleasurable' one, we must first learn & fully understand the psychology that 'inspires a person to buy', so that we create an effortless buying experiance.  


Time and time again our delegates have told us that before learning how to serve & negotiate using the 5-Step process, they had no idea how easy selling their services could be!

On this Sales & Negotiation workshop Training you will learn:-



The 'perfect' Sales Training Workshops for people who want to win more customers.

As a bonus to this workshop all delegates receive a

FREE Success Analysis & a 30 minute 1-2-1 telephone coaching session

following attendance of their first Sales Masters Guild training or mentoring.

In sales there is an old saying -

If you really 'want to do it' you'll 'decide' to do it NOW!!

If you're 'interested' you'll probably do it later, but probably never at all...


Book onto this course today

it just might be the best 'business decision' you've ever made... 

All Sales Masters Guild courses have a 100% satisfaction money back guarentee


"I found the course good at challenging my beliefs about myself, my business and offerings. It reminded me of skills and techniques that I have and brought them into my consciousness for selling. I love that this is not a traditional sales training and that is the reason I signed up." Fiona Simpson - Lilac Pearl


"What an eye opener!, it made me realise that there is nothing in the sales process that is rocket science, it's just about talking to your customer to understand THEM and how to you can help them.. even I can do that!" - Adam Scott - Ipswich Embroidery & Print


"A life changing seminar on how to sell, it taught me how to be myself yet still ask the right questions, it gave me a road map for selling confidently that has transformed my business" - Martin Kearney - Internetwork Media


"Sales is an area of my business I never really enjoyed, but after attending this course I'm now able to have business conversations that result in more people buying my services" - David Whitelegg - Triquetra



Learn at your own pace with our online video tutorial 'Entrepreneurs Training Course',

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Date & Location / Course
Jo Driver's Sales and Negotiation training - 8th February, 2019
9.30-16.30 Premier Inn, Norman Cross, Peterborough
Toby Acton's Sales 7 Negotiation training - 13th March, 2019
9.30-16.30 Marriott, Waltham Abbey
Jo Driver's Sales and Negotiation training - 16th May, 2019
9.30-16.30 Premier Inn, Norman Cross, Peterborough
Olivier Carions Sales and Negotiation Training - 22nd May, 2019
9.30 - 16.30 Chesfield Downs Golf Club
Jo Driver's Sales and Negotiation training - 19th September, 2019
9.30-16.30 Premier Inn, Norman Cross, Peterborough