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Learn how to attract a Constant Stream of Clients


As a professional consultant, trainer or coach you’ve already invested a vast amount of time and energy in learning the expertise that you now offer to the business community.


The challenge now is in creating a business model, marketing strategy and sales process that will bring you the consistent flow of high-value clients you want in order to avoid the famine or feast nature that affects the vast majority of professionals whose business model is based on selling their expertise.






Selling your expertise should be the easy part..


Since the crash of 2008, outsourcing has become standard business practise, which is why the consultancy, training and coaching industry has exploded across the business world.


Businesses are seeking the ‘right people’ to bring into their organisations, to help them grow and flourish which is why it’s truly never been more crucial to have a robust and proven method for appearing on those business’s radar.


The real challenge is how to rise above the ever increasing competition to be the go-to person for what you offer.






A Proven Fully booked Formula


During 3 powerful days you’ll be in good company, with like-minded professionals each on a quest to learn how to build a robust personal brand and proactive marketing and sales process that will result in a constant flow of the right kind of business.


Here at the Sales Masters Guild we’ve been training and mentoring professionals how to build high-income businesses for over a decade, fine tuning proven ‘tactical’ methods for client acquisition to stay one step ahead of where the majority are moving too.






Extraordinary success leaves clues


While most people know that the extraordinarily successful, reverse engineer their success, few actually know how to begin this process.


On day one together with your peers, we'll begin by deep diving into your personal ambitions for both you and your business, focusing in a way you've never done before in order to develop a vision so strong that each and every day you will be working to your true inner purpose.


From here we’ll develop your 'personal' reverse engineered plan of action to traverse you from where you are now to your ultimate goal of having a high-income business that works for you on your terms.


We'll share with you the proven formula we have developed and used over the past decade for building a business based on clients buying your expertise.


By the end of this experiential day you will leave with a visceral focus that will drive you forward each and every day from here on in.





Driven to succeed...


Now that you have absolute clarity of purpose we'll begin putting together the foundations of your personal brand, fame strategy and the sales process that will form the very essence of exactly what you will do to start leveraging your expertise into a client attraction magnet, helping you to


  • Form your personal 'value proposition'
  • Create your 'niche focused' core message
  • Create your personal tactical marketing plan
  • Fine tune your client onboarding process


With experts from each business 'element' presenting how to master their particular subject, you’ll leave this mentored course with a cast iron master plan of action and the skills needed to immediately accelerate your business ambitions






Speed of decisions, directly affects the success we ultimately achieve


This mentored experience is not for everyone, success is only achieved by those who arrive with an open mind, huge ambition and the desire to take massive action in order to achieve extraordinary success.


The end of this 3-day experiential course is the beginning of a brand new way of operating your business life...


Your investment in your personal development has just begun in transitioning you to a higher plain of thinking, sharing and collaborating with other like-minded professionals, which is why on completion of this course you are invited to become an active member of the Sales Masters Guild ‘Personal Business Development’ community where you will receive ongoing support from both your SMG mentors and your peers.


Before booking onto the next available course we encourage you to contact John Kettley direct to confirm this is the right move for you and so that we may learn how we can give you the support you need to achieve on absolutely every level.



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3-Day Client Acquisition Training
Novotel, Knebworth Park, Stevenage

6th May, 2020
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3-Day Client Acquisition Training
Novotel, Knebworth Park, Stevenage

8th July, 2020
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3-Day Client Acquisition Training
Novotel, Knebworth Park, Stevenage

30th October, 2020
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3-Day Client Acquisition Training
Novotel, Knebworth Park, Stevenage

11th November, 2020
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