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Use your experience, knowledge and passion

to create a 6-figure income Mentoring business owners





There is a Serious Shortage Turnaround, Growth & Scale to Exit Specialist's (TGSE)


As a professional 'TGSE' specialist, you’ll be working with business owners who need your help to gain absolute clarity of exactly what to do next to accelerate them from where they are today, towards a very specific goal.


Business owners do not want a business coach or typical corporate consultant, what they want is a specialist with the knowledge and connections to overcome their principle challenge and drive them to achieve the goal that they want to reverse engineer reaching.

The universal challenge for these business owners is...


‘Finding the right person'


Here at the Sales Masters Guild, we’ve developed a ‘proven method’ for creating a high-income lifestyle business based on you having a very specialist set of skills, knowledge and connections; we’ve also identified the specific qualities an individual must have, if they are to truly succeed as a TGSE specialist i.e.


  • A sincere passion for helping other people to achieve ‘their’ true potential
  • A confident, learning mentality (Open mind)
  • A genuine desire to share the knowledge
  • Solid communication skills.
  • A pragmatic methodology to solving challenges





What You Will Learn

From Us


Whether you’re fresh from the corporate world or a seasoned business person, the challenge when transitioning to become a professional ‘TGSE specialist’, is in how to form a business model that is a genuine no-brainer in the mind of those who need you to work with them.

The reason 'why' so many people fail when setting up on their own becomes clear when you realise that there is a proven formula for both success and failure.


The fastest way to succeed, is to learn from those who have already been where you want to go.. it simply short cuts the school of hard knocks


We'll fast track your learning by sharing, teaching and mentoring you with


  • A proven 6-figure income mentoring model
  • How to find the right niche to attract clients to you
  • A marketing strategy that establishes you as a ‘go to expert’
  • A joint venture strategy that results in referrals
  • A sales process that identify a client’s ‘real world’ challenges & desires
  • An easy to use client on-boarding process
  • A 5-step process for achieving results with any client






A proven income model


We’ll teach you a proven 'Specialist' model from which you see a financial return on your TGSE Associate Partner investment within months not years.

We’ll show you exactly how to fast track past the school of hard knocks so that you have paying clients within 12-16 weeks of completing your TGSE specialist training.

You’ll learn WHY most business advisors, coaches and consultants suffer a feast or famine income and a poor work-life balance.

You’ll learn how, with a few tweaks to your overall offering, you can grow a consistent high-income, helping business owners to unlock their true potential and achieve the ultimate goal they seek in the shortest possible time...




“Our journey together begins with a conversation”


This training and everything that follows it, is not for everyone...


We (as much as you) want a positive outcome for you, which is why after making contact via the form below: Our founder, John F Kettley, will call you direct for a genuine 2-way conversation to learn about you, your background and your ambitions for the future.

John will answer any questions you have about how to becoming a successful TGSE specialist, whether this intensive training is the right path for you and most importantly, what we at the Sales Masters Guild (SMG) can do to help you get up and running in the shortest possible time.

Once you and John are comfortable that the training (and for some the partner offering) is right for you, John will invite you to join him at the next mentored training event.







'Turnaround, Growth & Scale to Exit Specialist Training


Prepare to stretch yourself as you’ve never done before.


Over 3 days of intensive mentor training, you’ll experience a quantum shift in the way you see both the business landscape and how you can personally make a massive difference in your local business community.

Day 1: We deep dive into the 'mind-behind success' and why focusing on a client’s mindset is the best way to achieve extraordinary results.

You’ll learn needle moving strategies and tactics to help those you work with to gain a stronger more outcome driven mind-set, before diving deep into the mechanics of how to reverse engineer extraordinary success (for both you and your future clients).

Day 2: You’ll learn the step-by-step ‘entrepreneur formula’ that will underpin all of your clients mentored training from this point on (it’s a strong day full of light bulb moments).
We’ll share with you the business playbooks, a powerful document that is the centre piece of how you will completely recalibrate your clients business and begin the journey of not just turning their business around but take to a level they never throught possible.

Day 3: We know that by day 3 you’ll be buzzing with excitement to get out there and begin building your mentoring practice, which is why we complete this course with what we believe, is the world’s best sales training,


We’ll teach you

  • How to find and elegantly approach your ideal clients
  • How to get into rapport quickly and easily
  • How to articulate a compelling proposition in any scenario and
  • Effortlessly convert a business conversation into a high value client.

By the end of day 3 you’ll have the foundations from which to launch yourself as a professional 'TGSE" specialist, all you’ll need then is the desire and motivation to get out there and turn your ambitions into a reality.







“Taking it to the next level”


Operating as an 'independent' can be a lonely and challenging experience without peers to bounce off, which is why we open up our Associate Partner opportunity to those who share our ethos, ethics and who appreciate the advantages of being integrally connected to a network of exceptional TGSE specialists.

It’s not an opportunity for everyone, in fact it’s something that is only offered to those who meet our exceptional standards of professionalism and who are commited to ongoing personal development.

To those who qualify, we offer a level of support and comradery not found anywhere else on the business landscape.


Begin your journey now by geting in booking a 1-2-1 personal call with John Kettley -





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Sales & Master Negotiator Training
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27th September, 2024

3-Day Certified 'TGSE Specialist' Training 2/3/4 October 2024
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2nd October, 2024
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3-Day Certified 'TGSE Specialist' Training 13/14/15 November 2024
Hilton Garden Inn, Hitchin Road, Luton LU2 8DL

13th November, 2024
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