Mentored Peer Groups


Like minded entrepreneurs working together to create extraordinary success from your business life










You're the Average of the People You Spend Your Time With


It’s a fact that people tend to hang out with people they feel comfortable being with which is why it’s so crucial to the attainment of your ambitions, that you surround yourself with the right kind of people i.e. ambitious individuals who are also on a mission to achieve a standard of living that most can only dream of

It’s also a fact, that most highly successful entrepreneurs have a personal business mentor. Which is why we see such phenomenal results from those who attend our mentored peer groups.

It’s fantastic to see what happens when like-minded ambitious people come together for the common cause of building exceptional income generating businesses that grow and flourish. Which is why we have developed two focused types of monthly mentored mastermind peer groups


  • Project BluePrint – For those in the early stages of business growth
  • The 100K Club – For established business owners who want to go to the next level.





Why People Fail and What to do to Succeed

Experience has taught us that not everyone is willing to commit to doing what it takes to succeed. They see learning and applying ‘growth strategies’ as a necessary evil, which is why they never go all in on learning and applying the things that create results.
The trick is to find a big enough WHY i.e. why do you really want to succeed?

For this reason, monthly peer mentoring is not for everyone! It requires a total commitment to achieving the success you seek.

If you want help working out your WHY we can absolutely help you. But, we do need you to ‘want us’ to help you succeed. If you can do that, we’re both on the winning trail.






So Why Does Peer Mentoring Work?


Just like your new-year’s resolutions, most of us start with the greatest of intentions, but without someone to keep us on track, most people quickly fall back into their old ways and habits.

Having a personal business Mentor and being part of a peer group will help keep you on the path, hold you accountable and constantly nudge you to form better and more profitable outcome driven habits that drive you towards the success you seek.

Over the years we’ve refined and developed both of our Monthly Mentoring Programs into the amazing success formula that they are today.

Members not only rapidly increase their own personal sales and income, they also share their knowledge, grow their connections, form ‘real friendships’ with fellow members and cross pollinate with real world business.






Project BluePrint

This program is perfect for those who are either in the early years of having set up their business or who have realised, their business model is simply not working.


Each month we focus on learning a core component of the ‘Entrepreneur Formula’ until we have learned all of the building blocks that create a high-income business that works i.e. one that generates the amount of sales and income revenue, that will truly afford you an exceptional work-life balance.


Our joint mission is to build for you a business that is strong and stable within 12 months of having joined the project blueprint peer mentored group.


As a member, you will join your mentor and peer mentor group for half a day every month, wherein you will have committed to work ‘ON’ your business, leaving the world at the door so that you can fully focus on learning the skills and strategies that will accelerate you towards achieving the goals you seek.


We know how important it is to your success that you have the right mentor for you and your personality, which is why we have and are building a diverse team of professional personal business mentors for you to choose from, to find the perfect mentor for you simply search though our mentors on the ‘Find Your Mentor’ tab or enter your county in the box below to choose the mentor nearest to where you live.


Contact us today to begin taking your ambitions and turning them into a reality.






The 100K Club


Have you ever noticed that High earners display a level of confidence ‘most’ business owners simply do not enjoy; they seem to think in a different way about their businesses and enjoy a lifestyle and work-life balance that most can only dream of.


It’s an unfortunate fact that only 5% of the working UK population earn more than £100,000 per annum, the majority being simply too busy earning a living, to take their business life to the level they really want it to be...


BUT it doesn’t have to be this way; for those who make the decision to commit to going ‘all in’, it’s entirely possible to make the transition into being a full member of the UK’s 100K+ club.


Which is why we have created the 100K club for those who want: -


  • A place where you can mix with like-minded ambitious entrepreneurs who are also on a mission to be an extraordinary success,
  • A place where you can find inspiration, quality connections and mix with people who are going places unencumbered by negativity and being realistic.
  • A place where you switch the phone off to brain storming your next move, bounce ideas off your peers, to be unlimited in your thinking & what you can achieve and see the business landscape as few ever do.





‘Great things happen when you begin thinking in a limitless way’

We meet on the same day of each month regardless of what is happening in our businesses, to work ON our businesses, it is a time and place where we put ourselves 1st and our business commitments 2nd so that we have the mind space to ‘think’, calibrate and plan what we will do next to accelerate our journeys.


Because this is higher level thinking for individuals who want to operate at a higher level, admission is by invitation only so that we guarantee a positive ‘growth culture’, an ecosystem where cross pollination happens via greater understanding of what each member of the group does and where we are each taking our business’s too.


As a member, you are actively encouraged to create strong relationships with your fellow peer group members, to contribute ideas you believe will help them achieve ‘their’ business ambitions and in turn, they will contribute limitless ideas to add to your own thoughts on how to accelerate ‘your’ business forward.




‘An invitation to connect’

The Project Blueprint program & 100K club are not for everyone, you are making a commitment to you and your ambitions, committing to keeping an open mind and a greater way of thinking about what you are doing and where you are going.


Most members who join are individuals who have attended one of our workshop trainings or who have met one of our certified SMG mentors on the networking scene.


If you would like to learn more about how we can help you achieve your ambitions, please do contact us today and one of our team of certified Sales Masters Guild mentors will call to learn more about you and your business ambitions.


Together we can achieve great things, we look forward to working with you…