The Sales Masters Guild Mission


To teach Business owners how to become wealth creating entrepreneurs









Our journey began back in 2009 when our founder (business investor and serial Entrepreneur) John F Kettley began receiving calls from his business connections asking for help as the recession of that time was really beginning to bite.


What quickly became clear was the widespread need across the SME business community for real world mentored entrepreneurial training to teach and mentor business owners how to grow sales revenues quickly and elegantly (The life blood of every good business)









It's a sad fact that, '80% of businesses fail in their first five years of trading and of those who ‘do’ survive, most never go on to actually achieve their goal of building a high-income business.


In all honesty those early days were a steep learning curve for us as we learned not to take certain things for granted i.e. while everyone will say they are ambitious, not everyone is willing to action upon what they learn, which is why today we look for 3 core attributes in our clients in order to guarantee success for us both…


  • An open learning mentality
  • A strong ambition to succeed
  • A commitment to taking action every day












The Project Blueprint program was born for one reason only to share the formula for a business that works, one that truly creates a high-income. We teach business owners through a number of mediums to suit their particular learning style











Now some 10 years on, the business mentors of the Sales Masters Guild have trained and helped many, many hundreds of business owners to grow and flourish at a pace they never thought possible.


We truly believe that we are unique in the market place and genuinely the best mentored entrepreneur training organisation in the UK, the reason? our Value’s, ethics and a passion for going beyond expectations to build wealth creating businesses that work


As we move into the roaring 20’s we believe you have never had a better time to start build and grow your own business, we look forward to being a part of your journey.





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