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Learn how to attract a Constant Stream of Clients


As a professional consultant, trainer, coach or someone who sells their 'expertise' as their primary revenue stream, you’ve invested a vast amount of time and energy to learn your subject


The challenge now, is in how to turn your expertise into a consistent flow of income generating clients...


Our mission is to teach you a marketing strategy and sales process that will bring you the consistent flow of high-value clients you want, in order to avoid the famine or feast nature that affects the vast majority of professionals whose business model is based on selling their expertise.






Selling your expertise should be the easy part..


When outsourcing become common business practise after the crash of 2008, it's fair to say that the consultancy, training and coaching industry exploded at every level across the entire business community.


With businesses now coming out of the enforced lockdown this practice will become even more prevalent with business owners actively seeking the ‘right people’ to help them get back up to speed and calibrate to the new normal!


The real challenge is

"How to become your 'potential' clients, first port of call"...






A Proven Fully booked Formula


Like us, you already know the landscape is both a competitive price conscious place, and selling expertise a famine or feast business model.


But it doesn’t have to be that way.


Having worked with and trained thousands of people over the last 10 years to build robust ‘personal expertise based business's’, we’ve learned and developed a set of methods that if followed & actioned upon, result in an accelerated increase of ‘consistent’ business.


We’ve split the trainings we offer into 4 levels of depth so as to fit with exactly where you are in terms of your current knowledge & the degree of success you wish to accelerate too.






Level 1  We’ll share with you the exact formula we use and teach our clients for growing a robust 6-figure income. If you have most of the pieces but just need to know the last piece of the puzzle, this is our contribution to paying it forward.




Level 2 – A 'full on' 3 hour zoom training in which you bring your current business model & we deep dive with an interactive workbook into the detail of how to re-engineer 'your' core offering to attract more clients to you.




Level 3 – 2 x 3-hour Zoom trainings + a 60 minute 1-2-1 mentoring session + unlimited access to our members online platform. By the end of this mentored training you’ll have a robust personal business model, a clearly defined marketing strategy and a sales process that will convert more of your conversations into real world business.



Level 4 – A full turn key mentoring business.

This is not for everyone, in fact this will only be attractive to those who want to fully pivot from where they are now to becoming a fully certified 6-figure income personal business mentor.




It's the 'speed' of your decisions that determines the success you achieve


These mentored trainings are not for everyone, true success only being achieved by those who arrive with an open mind, genuine ambition and the desire to take action.


At the end of each experiential course, is the beginning of a new way of operating your business life...


Your investment of time and energy in your personal development signals to all that you are constantly transitioning to ever higher levels of understanding which of course results in ever higher levels of personal success.


In sharing and collaborating with other like-minded professionals, you will grow and flourish as an independent business person, which is why on completion of this course you are invited to become an active member of the Sales Masters Guild ‘Personal Business Development’ community where you will receive ongoing support from both your SMG mentors and your peers.


Begin your journey today by booking into the next available 'free to join' level 1 training.



“The Sales foundation workshop was fantastic!!


I’ve already personally referred two of my clients and the results have been fantastic. Any business owner looking to increase their sales should come on this course and send their sales teams through this process”… 


Scott Dwyer - Motivations

Having completed the Advanced Sales and Marketing Course, I walked in one person and came out a completely different more motivated and confident individual knowing exactly what my business does and for whom.


The methods you learn on the course completely change your perception and business life, giving you the motivation to succeed.

I would recommend that any business owner finding every day business a challenge have a chat with John Kettley at the Sales Masters Guild team." 


Deborah Skeldon - Behind the Glass (Magazine)

The Sales Foundation workshop, I found it to be truly excellent. Clearly defining the sales process and how to work through it with potential new clients.


The training is very interactive, very enjoyable and one benefits from having other business owners present. 


I recommend this sales training course to anyone looking to improve the effectiveness of their sales operation


Robert Harris - AIMS Acountants

You can't climb Everest alone!

This is where John Kettley is exceptional. If you want rapid success it's crucial to have an accountability partner or 'mentor'. John has helped me to completely redefine my own version of success and move rapidly toward the results I wanted to achieve.


They say "nothing happens until a sale takes place" and if you want more sales then John is the go to man to can help you develop those skills.


Most business challenges can be solved if you're generating sales and John is a genuine expert in helping people do just that. Take a few minutes to see what he could do for you. You won't be disappointed.


Simon Kramer, Effective accountants

The expert knowledge of sales and his fantastic teaching ability has made a massive difference to my confidence in every aspect of my business.


Huge thanks to John Kettley for changing the way I now look at the business world and produce measurably greater results.


His back-up calls and continuous correspondence are greatly appreciated. Highly recommended!


Martin Kearney - Internetwork Media