John Kettley


Founder of the Sales Masters Guild



Being a Successful Entrepreneur, is More About Mindset Than it is The Money

John is fast becoming known as one of the UK’s most inspirational speakers on the subject of personal business growth and SME Mergers and Acquisitions.


A serial entrepreneur from his teenage years, John and his companies have sold a vast range of products and services across just about every market sector and medium there is, both here in Europe and the USA including


  • Business to consumer
  • Business to business
  • Business to government


In today’s fast paced world only the agile will grow and flourish, which is why John has such a strong passion for sharing the knowledge he’s gained in business to help others as we all move firmly into the ‘age of the entrepreneur’.







Learning Doesn't Have to be Expensive


A seasoned business turnaround specialist, John has an extraordinary talent for teaching business owners how to rapidly increase their sales revenues.


“I believe we've entered an age where anyone can achieve great wealth regardless of their age, sex, ethnicity or financial starting point. All you need to begin your journey, is a learning mind-set, a tenacious work ethic and a clear and vivid picture in your mind’s eye of what it is that you want.”


“Unfortunately the reason that over 350,000 business owners fail every year is because they simply didn’t take the time out to invest in learning HOW to make money in business, their massive losses were and are completely avoidable.”


“We truly live in a time where anything is possible, yet we have so few leaders to inspire people in the business community to achieve their true potential which is why I founded the Sales Masters Guild to teach tomorrows generation a formula that will help them to avoid the school of hard knocks.”






Communication Skills, the Key to Achieving
Extraordinary Success

Born into an entrepreneurial family John learned from a young age the importance of being a great communicator in business. He developed and honed his sales skills in the highly competitive home improvement and motor industries where competition is a constant pressure and closing business an essential daily habit to achieving success.


This solid foundation gave John the opportunity to learn and understand the psychology of people and more importantly 'what motivates them to buy' from the people and comes they choose to buy from...


"What could you not achieve, if you were a great communicator"?


The truth is that there is nothing that you could not achieve if you were a great communicator, which is why John puts so much energy in to all of his courses to teach you how to become a great business communicator and sales negotiator.





We Have a Serious Shortage of Good Leaders


“Over the last 10 years I’ve met and trained thousands of business owners to start, build and turn around their business fortunes. I’ve also seen the gradual demise of the coaching industries reputation, something I passionately want to halt, which is why I am on a personal mission to make a difference in the business community.”


“I am actively looking across the UK to find exceptional individuals to join me and the Sales Masters Guild Team of expert training mentors, to teach tomorrows successful business owners the ‘entrepreneur formula’ and together make the UK, the world’s leading entrepreneurial country.”


“If this looks or sounds like something you want to be a part of, I would like to talk to you and learn more about your personal ambitions.”


You can contact John at 


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Work directly with John



The fastest way to accelerate from where you are today to where you want to 'be', is to go directly to the person whose been where you want to go and ask them how you can overcome your challenges and fast track your journey.


It's later than you think...


1-2-1 Virtual Coffee -

Share with John your ambitions and ask the questions that have been in your mind for some time now about What to focus and do next to move you forward to where you truly want to be in your business life 





1-2-1 Personal Business Deep Dive 


You bring your business model, your ambitions, resources and challenges and John will walk you though exactly what to do to overcome your obstacles and accelerate you towards achieving your personal and business goals in the shortest possible time.







Business Turnaround Investor

Each year John invests in a number of businesses that are struggling but have great future potential to sell in the next few years.


If you need help from someone who has the experiance to turn their business around and build it towards a sale, John welcomes your call to learn about you and your business ambitions.



John's Book

How To Build A Business That Creates Wealth

You can contact John at



John’s Training & Peer Groups


You can book onto any of John’s training or peer groups from here. Just click below to be taken to the booking page, choose the date you would like to attend and continue with your payment.


Course / Location




Sales & Master Negotiator Training
Hilton Garden Inn, Hitchin Road, Luton LU2 8DL

24th May, 2024

3-Day Certified 'TGSE Specialist' Training 19/20/21 June 2024
Hilton Garden Inn, Hitchin Road, Luton LU2 8DL

19th June, 2024
CALL for Info
0333 015 0254

Sales & Master Negotiator Training
Hilton Garden Inn, Hitchin Road, Luton LU2 8DL

12th July, 2024

Sales & Master Negotiator Training
Hilton Garden Inn, Hitchin Road, Luton LU2 8DL

27th September, 2024

3-Day Certified 'TGSE Specialist' Training 2/3/4 October 2024
Hilton Garden Inn, Hitchin Road, Luton LU2 8DL

2nd October, 2024
CALL for Info
0333 015 0254

3-Day Certified 'TGSE Specialist' Training 13/14/15 November 2024
Hilton Garden Inn, Hitchin Road, Luton LU2 8DL

13th November, 2024
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0333 015 0254


The expert knowledge of sales and his fantastic teaching ability has made a massive difference to my confidence in every aspect of my business.


Huge thanks to John Kettley for changing the way I now look at the business world and produce measurably greater results.


His back-up calls and continuous correspondence are greatly appreciated. Highly recommended!


Martin Kearney - Internetwork Media

Having completed the Advanced Sales and Marketing Course, I walked in one person and came out a completely different more motivated and confident individual knowing exactly what my business does and for whom.


The methods you learn on the course completely change your perception and business life, giving you the motivation to succeed.

I would recommend that any business owner finding every day business a challenge have a chat with John Kettley at the Sales Masters Guild team." 


Deborah Skeldon - Behind the Glass (Magazine)

The Sales Foundation workshop, I found it to be truly excellent. Clearly defining the sales process and how to work through it with potential new clients.


The training is very interactive, very enjoyable and one benefits from having other business owners present. 


I recommend this sales training course to anyone looking to improve the effectiveness of their sales operation


Robert Harris - AIMS Acountants

“The Sales foundation workshop was fantastic!!


I’ve already personally referred two of my clients and the results have been fantastic. Any business owner looking to increase their sales should come on this course and send their sales teams through this process”… 


Scott Dwyer - Motivations

You can't climb Everest alone!

This is where John Kettley is exceptional. If you want rapid success it's crucial to have an accountability partner or 'mentor'. John has helped me to completely redefine my own version of success and move rapidly toward the results I wanted to achieve.


They say "nothing happens until a sale takes place" and if you want more sales then John is the go to man to can help you develop those skills.


Most business challenges can be solved if you're generating sales and John is a genuine expert in helping people do just that. Take a few minutes to see what he could do for you. You won't be disappointed.


Simon Kramer, Effective accountants