Lesley Jones

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Corporate Beginnings Met with an Unexpected Twist Along the Way

Born of a family of academics, it was a forgone conclusion that Lesley would follow a path from academia to the suit and tie lifestyle of the corporate world and that’s exactly what happened except for an unexpected twist along the way.


Having developed an exceptional talent for absorbing Mathematics and the Sciences, Lesley chose to study Civil Engineering which led to an opportunity in the male dominated world of offshore site investigation.


Being a female in this environment in the 1980s meant her opportunities would always be limited so she did what any entrepreneurial minded person would do and found a niche that was under developed and in need of a solution.


Using her mathematical and logic skills she learnt how to develop computer programs for the analysis and design of the foundations for oil rigs. A new skill not fully recognised within the engineering profession at the time, but one that would prove invaluable.


Lesley’s specialised skills developed quickly and were sought by a number of civil engineering companies until, in a moment of clarity Lesley realised that in order to achieve greater success in business, she was going to have to pivot and change direction.







Changing Lanes


Programming skills were in demand in a number of industries, particularly in London in the banking arena. Lesley took advantage of this and left civil engineering to continue developing her skills at a bank.


Working in the city during the 1980s was demanding, late nights, long lunches and a fast paced business environment. Couples like Lesley and her husband, who both worked in the city, were known affectionately as DINKY’s (double income, no kids yet!).


The yuppie decade saw extensive technical innovation within the banking arena. To keep up with the pace of change in what many still perceive as the banking capital of the world, was challenging with corporate mergers and internal restructuring being declared almost every month.


Once again, Lesley took advantage of these turbulent times and constant restructures, learning and growing her knowledge base across multiple disciplines including Merchant Banking, International Banking, Group Finance and Retail Banking.


Growth and success is all about spotting an opportunity, seeing the possibilities and seizing the moment and that is exactly what Lesley did in identifying the dawn of true digital banking, developing a world-wide network for the International Division to communicate more cost effectively.


This electronic network, across 17 countries, was one of the first world-wide email and collaboration systems, and allowed a global vision to be created for the division, a real game changer for the bank.


It massively improved the quality of information being sent around the organisation and most significantly saved a fortune in costs that went straight to the bottom line profitability of the bank not just in the UK but also around the world.






Bigger Things

Setting up this network had given Lesley the opportunity to travel around the world and opened her eyes to new possibilities.


It was time to focus on bigger projects and another restructure opened up an opportunity to work within the Retail Banking Division, aligning the £20m IT budget with the business strategy. Lesley worked in partnership with the relevant sub-divisions to build multi-disciplined teams and ultimately improve the return on investment of the retail banking platform.






An Unexpected Challenge


Restructuring in the corporate world is something that happens on a fairly regular basis, and normally manifests after a management change at the top of the pyramid when a new set of initials arrives to stamp their mark on the organisation.


This time, instead of the usual new opportunity, Lesley found herself pushed to the side-lines to assist the management consultancy firm ‘brought in’ to re-organise the IT and Operation departments.


Within months, a decision was made to take a break from the world of corporate politics and choose a new adventure…






Setting Up A Business

From 300+ emails a day to 0 overnight!


For someone used to being 100mph and in demand from a dozen different directions, this was a 180 degree quantum change in lifestyle.


It was during a PTA meeting that she met a local Business Consultant, who opened her eyes to the needs of small businesses. He helped her see how her skills and corporate perspective could be used to help business owners, who do not have the precise knowledge, to put in place the plans and systems needed to afford true growth.


He invited her to a network event in London, “I had never heard of such a thing” says Lesley, but she went along to see what it was all about. She came away with a determination to set up her own business using the skills she had obtained in the fast paced corporate world.







The first few years were tough, Lesley was used to being the expert, the ‘go to’ person to get things done but as a business owner, she often sensed that things were not quite right, but putting her finger on why was not so easy. She felt like a fish out of water, not knowing what to do, how to do it and fearing there was so much ‘stuff’ about running a business that she simply did not know.


She set a budget and began asking for help from the businesses she was meeting at network events. She learnt a lot during this time, most importantly to ‘try’ people out before committing to pay them regular money.


Another challenge was managing the work she was giving out. Influencing people to do exactly what she wanted and deliver it when she needed it was the challenge, and a very different experience from managing a team with the same goals in the corporate world.


These ‘freelancers’ had other clients and other obligations she had no control over, something had to change about the way in which she was managing these projects, but what and how?


Around this time, she got involved with a Network Marketing business, primarily because she loved the products. One of the strengths of a Network Marketing business is the focus they put on developing their people to become the best version of themselves.





Personal Development

Lesley began her personal development journey, learning amongst other things, key differences between leadership and management. She soon realised that all of the ‘leadership’ training she had whilst at the bank was to ensure she became a better employee and in her case caused her to put up a façade so she would fit in.


As Lesley began to peel back the layers of this façade, she became more connected with her values and purpose which made a huge difference to how she communicated with her suppliers and clients.


Issues with freelancers melted away, she started to attract her perfect clients and her business grew. Over the last few years, she has developed a vast list of contacts and suppliers, all of whom deliver great value to their clients.


Now she is on a mission to help others who are transitioning from the corporate world to learn not only the practicalities of running a business but also the mind-set shift needed to become successful.






“ If I can make just a small improvement in the appalling statistic that 60% of businesses fail within their first 5 years, then I will know that I have made a difference” says Lesley.


During her personal development journey, Lesley uncovered a passion for speaking at conferences, not only to impart her knowledge and experience, but also to inspire business owners to dream big and aim high. She believes having a vision for your life and knowing how your business can enable that vision is a key factor in building a successful business.


Lesley runs a number of development programs and mentor groups focusing on all aspects of running a business, from the intricacies of a sales process to growth strategies and understanding the numbers.


These programs support and help individuals to create the lifestyle they always dreamed of, so their business works for them and not the other way around.

You can contact Lesley directly at lesley.jones@salesmastersguild.com 


You can read Lesley's blog articles by clicking HERE









Working directly with Lesley


Sometimes the best and fastest way to accelerate away from where you are to where you want to be is to go directly to the source, which is why Lesley offers a number of ways that you can work directly with her.


1-2-1 Virtual Coffee

An opportunity to get to know each other.  To learn about you and your business aspirations and identify the best approach to accelerating your business journey.






1-2-1 Business deep dive

A 90 minute virtual workshop to review your Business Plan.

Focusing on identifying areas for growth or exploring a specific area of your business that is causing you concern.  Together we will produce a 5 point action plan.







Online 'Business Accelerator' Program

A 3 month programme to review your current business model and create a growth plan for the next 12 months. 

Limited to 10 businesses per group, to provide individually focused training. The programme comprises:

  • 2 x 90 minute on-line group sessions per month
  • 1 x 45 minute individual session per month.








On-Line Entrepreneur training workshops (ltd to 10 people)

  • Sales and negotiation skills
  • Professional networking skills
  • Creating a client attracting USP
  • Understanding cashflow & profitability




£60 per workshop

(inc VAT) 


To contact Lesley directly Lesley.jones@salesmastersguild.com




Lesley’s Training & Peer Groups


You can book onto any of Lesley’s training or peer groups from here. Just click below to be taken to the booking page, choose the date you would like to attend and continue with your payment.


Lesley is an expert in helping business owners to clarify their thoughts...


She helped me to think more strategically and to avoid being sidetracked by interesting, but irrelevant, activities that do not add value and do not take me closer to my goals.


The questioning style Lesley used, along with her extensive knowledge of business processes, led to our finding a range of new options to consider and to the production of a realistic action plan for me to follow in the coming months.


I would recommend Lesley to any business owner who is committed to growing their business and who is prepared to 're-think' approaches to achieving long-term business goals.


Margaret Adams - Career Consultant

I met Lesley at the beginning of the year, when my company started the transformation process.


I've joined Lesley’s Mentored Peer Group, which helps me look at my business from a different perspective, shape the business strategy and focus on the most critical tasks at the moment.


The great thing about the Peer Group is a fact that I can work closely not only with her, but also other business owners where we can share, listen and learn from each other. 


I would recommend Lesley to anyone who is looking for clarity and direction in their business


Paulina Rzepiel - Beaverhead software

I attended a fantastic 2020 planning workshop that Lesley hosted on 19th December 2019. It was a highly focused day which involved deep reflection of our past successes and failures before putting in place a strategic action plan towards generating more wealth in our lives


Lesley was totally professional in her manner creating a safe space for people to share openly about their businesses and what they were hoping to achieve.


This was only possible because of calm, empathetic and professional manner with which Lesley lead the group. My big take away was how I really got to think more about my unique USP in a completely different way. 


I wish when I first started my business, many years ago, that I had had Lesley in my life. Seriously, if you want to be successfuol as a business person, do not go past GO until you have planned your business first. Thank you Lesley, again for this gift.


Sherine Ann Lovegrove - Author and Coach