Paul Ward

Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire



A huge part of being a Successful Entrepreneur, comes from understanding how we tick... 

Over the past 2 ½ decades Paul has been involved in the business of people. Working in a variety of industries and all levels of management working with a wide and diverse range of people


This vast and varied background had given Paul a fantastic understanding how different types of how people tick. This combined with his depth of personal development tools and training techniques has given Paul a unique understanding of how to help business owners get out of their own way and achieve in every area of their life.


Knowing and understanding what your core values are and identifying exactly what your true purpose is has been and continues to be key principle of Paul’s coaching and mentoring.







Understanding people & how to inspire growth is a wonderful thing to be able to do...


This is a principle that Paul put into action over 10 years ago whilst in management. Following a management development course for aspiring senior leaders, Paul was first introduced to Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) as a coaching tool.


It was at that moment that Paul re-set his goals on becoming Personal business development coach. A vision that has not only been achieved, he has also exceeded that and is now continuing to coach business leaders and other professionals as well as training other coaches to use tools and techniques to develop their own offer.


Uniquely, this now means that Paul is one of only two trainers globally able to certify others in both NLP as well as Licensed Motivational Map practitioners.










Coached and mentored to succeed...


Paul’s coaching programmes and mentored groups are all about developing success in all areas of life. Essentially ensuring that goals, visions, and aspirations are developed in an ecological way to enhance every areas of your life in a congruent way.


The focus on the whole client that Paul brings means that he can support your personal growth in a way that many other coaches are not able to do.


There is no Master plan, no formula, simply 100% dedication in supporting you to achieve your goals in business, life and for yourself.




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Paul’s Training & Peer Groups


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