Paul Ward

Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire




If you’re a business owner who wants

the competitive edge




an aspiring coach or consultant who’s wants to

take your practice to new heights?



Meet Paul Ward, the UK’s leading Certified master NLP and Motivational Map Trainer


With over 25 years of absolute dedication to understanding the psychology that truly drives people to realise their full potential, Paul has honed the art and science of personal development. His journey has taken him through various industries and management levels, granting him a profound insight into the intricacies of what drives individual excellence.


But Paul is not just another coach. He's a seasoned expert armed with an extensive training toolkit, ready to guide small business owners towards unprecedented success. His coaching philosophy revolves around a profound understanding of core values and the identification of true purpose, forming the bedrock of his transformative coaching and mentoring approach.





A decade of 

inspiring growth...


Over a decade ago, Paul embarked on a transformative journey when he discovered Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) during a management development course. This epiphany set him on the path to becoming a personal business development coach.


Today, not only does he fulfil that vision, he also empowers business leaders and professionals while training others in the art of personal and professional development.


Paul's unique achievement makes him one of only two trainers worldwide certified in both NLP and Licensed Motivational Map practitioners.










Unlocking success in every facet of life...


Paul's coaching programs and mentoring groups are meticulously designed to cultivate success in every facet of your life. Whether you're a small business owner seeking the edge in the competitive landscape or a coach aspiring to excel in your consultancy practice, Paul's approach is holistic.


He doesn't just focus on your professional life; he's dedicated to supporting your personal growth. This holistic approach ensures your journey towards success is congruent across all areas of your life, setting you up for fulfilment beyond measure.


There's no hidden master plan or elusive formula. Paul's approach is grounded in unwavering dedication, driven by a sincere commitment to help you achieve your goals in business, life, and, most importantly, for yourself.


Experience the transformational power of Paul's coaching and mentoring. Let him guide you to new heights of success in your business and empower you to become an exceptional coach and consultant. Unleash your potential with Paul Ward, your trusted partner in your journey to success.


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Paul’s Training & Peer Groups


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