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Business Manager Enterprise is a comprehensive Business Management System (BMS)
It encompasses all of the business management functions you would expect to find, plus many additional features not included in many other types of business management software.


BME builds upon the award-winning BusinessMan Enterprise client-server solution, which was developed over a period of more than 25 years to where it is today utilising the latest web technologies so as to give you the performance, flexibility, and rich feature set you need, whilst providing access from all platforms supporting a modern web browser.


BME is built on open-source coding, so that we (and you) are not beholden to any other vendors for licensing, deployment or customisation.

BME is primarily provided as a SaaS solution, but we also have the flexibility to offer self-hosted or on-premise options.


  • Purchase options also include outright purchase for those who do not wish to pay ongoing fees.
  • Full customisation is also available for those companies where an OTS (Off The Shelf) solution is not a good fit.
  • Our pricing model doesn’t have any hidden surprise extras.
  • No third party functionality add on’s.


“Business software, to run your business, the way you want to”


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