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Joining a Mentored Peer Group could make a big difference to you and your business

by Olivier Carion

  Sales Masters Guild Mentor, Olivier Carion, asks “Have you ever thought about joining a Mentored Peer Group?”.   Let’s start with another question; “Do you feel lonely as a business owner?”   Facing your business challenges on your own can be hard. I know, I’ve been there myself and I often come across business owners who feel the same way.   The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way. We are ‘social animals’ and there is something about meeting with like-minded men ...

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Jo Driver Delves Into Her Mastermind Peer Groups

by Jo Driver

  Sales Masters Guild Mentor, Jo Driver, Delves into her Mastermind Peer Groups to answer the question “What types of businesses and people do you mentor?”   So let me answer the “type of people” question first. I will only work with the Business Owner. Now, that could be someone who is self employed, or, who has a business with a business partner, or a small business that employs a small number of staff or outsources / sub contracts work out.   Most importantly they must ...

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Toby Acton Introduces his Mastermind Peer Groups, but first asks “What is Peer Mentoring?”

by Toby Acton

  Sales Masters Guild Mentor, Toby Acton, introduces us to the Mastermind Peer Groups he holds in Essex, but first answers the question “What is peer mentoring?”   I have been mentoring people in various businesses for more than 18 years and I have long appreciated the value of peer mentoring.   Over the years I have been asked on more than one occasion “what is peer mentoring? And what are Mastermind Peer Groups?”, so let’s answer these questions:   Napoleon Hill first raised the profile of ...

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Jo Driver Looks at the Benefits of Peer Group Mentoring

by Jo Driver

  Sales Masters Guild Mentor, Jo Driver, wants to help more business owners to accelerate their businesses to new levels –   Peer Group Mentoring is one of the keys to helping achieve their success. What is going on in the business world today? It seems that everyone these days is an ‘Expert’ in their industry after doing whatever it is they do, for either a short amount of time or in some cases just going on a course themselves and then announcing that ...

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